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Made by Leo Benkel
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Here, you can slowly build up knowledge about Scala.

Each exercises are designed to be done in a very short amount of time and learn a little bit each day, just to create a routine.

Each episode will teach you about one specific thing and rely on the previous exercises to be solved.

Hope you are going to enjoy it! It is designed for anyone to learn Scala from scratch and slowly learn, one Bit at a time.

For each exercise, you should be able to guess by yourself the solution based on what you previously learned and based on the introduction. If you get stuck don't hesitate to reveal the extra clues.

The goal of the exercise is to replace the ??? by some of your own code. When you are done, click to reveal the extra information and clues to get a better understanding of the concept.

Don't hesitate to experiment by editing the code to anything you like.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, make sure to message me on Discord, or LinkedIn, or submit an issue on GitHub, or submit a PR on GitHub.

Scala Values Scala String Interpolation Scala Methods Scala Method with Arguments Scala List Sum Method Scala Option Scala difference between val, lazy val and def Scala Map for List Scala Class new Scala Comparators Scala List Filter Method Scala Call-by-name Parameters Scala Case Class Scala objects Scala visibility Scala companion objects Scala apply Scala Option map Scala List Flatten Scala Tuple Scala Thread Sleep Scala Random Scala flatMap Scala Curry Scala Try Scala Range Scala List parallel Scala main Scala Set Scala defined type Scala pattern matching Scala foldLeft Scala Stream Scala for-comprehension Scala implicit class Scala Regex Scala implicit val Scala Future Scala trait Scala Either Scala String Format Scala abstract class Scala Recursion Scala Repeated Parameters Scala Generic Trait Scala Sealed Scala case object Scala Enumeration for 2.x Scala contexts Scala infix notation Scala pattern matching @ Scala pattern matching OR Scala pattern matching for case class Scala upper constraint Scala case class copy Scala implicit conversion Scala case class unapply Scala Challenge 1 Scala List zip Scala _ placeholder Scala implicit proof Scala unapply magic Scala multiple inheritance Scala constraint inheritance Scala higher kind Scala _ wildcard Scala val pattern matching Scala *-parameter Scala self-referred type Scala Option pattern matching Scala List pattern matching Scala List of Option flatten Scala operators Scala literal identifiers Scala extractor pattern Scala Functor Scala Foldable Scala Applicative Scala Covariance Scala Traversable Scala Typeclass Scala Monad