Scala Challenge 1

Today will be a practice challenge ! I had this idea in the corner of my mind for a while, but today is the day.

We have been learning a lot together in those past months. It is time to now apply everything we practiced so far in a little challenge exercise. You will have to implement things yourself and fix the code.

If you have trouble, feel free to jump in the Discord server to get help.

How was it ?! Did you manage to solve all the problems ?

What tools did we use to solve this challenge ?

  • Math, for the rounding and totals
  • trait and abstract class for the display and Item
  • Case class
  • Object
  • copy
  • And some fun with text interpolation to display a beautiful receipt.

I hope that was fun. This is the first time, so please let me know if you have any feedback. Was it too easy ? Was it too hard ?

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