Scala Curry

No, we are not talking about food here.

It is just a fancy way to talk about something simple. It describes the transformation of a method that takes several arguments into a series of function that each take one of those arguments. Simple? Try on the exercise.

See? Simple. Some coding is worth a thousand words!

Writing the code that way has a few advantages.

For instance, you can decompose the function into partially applied functions, like add2 in the exercise. This example is simple, but imagine a complex function that takes a database connector and/or configurations. You could set those arguments, and then only reuse the partially applied function when needed, I like to call it a pre-configured operation.

I also like using it for aesthetics, It allows to use { }like in r3 in the exercise.

And you can have as many arguments chained that way, As well as also combinations, for instance the first block could have 2 arguments and then 1 and then 3 arguments. Use it wisely depending on your needs.

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