Scala operators

Have you ever wondered how ! and + operator works ?

Let's make your own !

Long exercise but I wanted to make sure to see several examples to get a good knowledge about Operators for you !

The first section ({...}) is about traditional, easy operator such as + and *. In Scala, you can use pretty much any characters to create a method name so it is not too hard at this point. Sorry for the math about complex numbers !

Next we see weirder ones with backslash \ and one famous one, the combine operator : |+|, present in many libraries such as Cats.

And finally even weirder ones. Operator that goes before the caller ! Those are called unary and the syntax is :

class MyClass(...) {

// ... other fields and methods ...

def unary_[prefix_name] = ???

// ... more things ...


val a : MyClass = ???

[prefix_name] a

It is worth noting that only a selected list of characters and names are authorized for unary methods. For example, +, *, ~, and ! are allowed. You can find a lot of example of people using unary on GitHub.

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