Scala Tuple

Imagine, for instance, you would like to pair together an identification number (Int) and a name (String).

Let's see how to do that in Scala.

By now, you probably have understood that a Tuple is a way to combine two or more types into one. For instance you can combine a Int and a String into a tuple (Int, String). You can combine up to 22 Types ! ( You can read more why on here )

The other important aspect is the accessors. For instance, if you have a Tuple (Double, Int, String), to access the first element you have to use _1, the second with _2, etc…

Tuples are also involved in the concept of pattern matching that we are going to learn more about later.

As a note about good practices: whenever possible, you should use a case class rather than a Tuple. In the long run, it makes things much easier to manage and maintain.

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